How to Outsource Your Blog Content

Blogs can be high maintenance sites.  You need to commit to writing new content for your blog on a schedule of some kind.  If you don't give your blog and attention it needs your  visitors will start to drop off and so could your income.  There is a method of using guest bloggers for your blog.  This will ensure that your blog receives new content and a regular basis.   Blog owners are suggested to announce guest bloggers even going so far as to print out a schedule of guest
bloggers, so is important you are using multiple guest bloggers.  This article will discuss methods of acquiring guest bloggers, such as advertising for guest bloggers, selecting the best guest bloggers and how and what to compensate your guest bloggers. 
There are a number of places that someone can find guest bloggers for their blog.  Freelance writers can be a great source of guest bloggers.  You may want to inquire about freelance writers through friends, colleagues or freelance writing websites.  Job boards related to
blogging or writing would be a great place to start and build a list of writers that you think would make excellent guest bloggers.  It is always a good idea to be prepared with
a list of good writers before you need them.   It will eliminate the need for you to find a
good writer when you are pressed for time and need one quickly.  When looking for writers you want to find someone who has expertise in your blog's niche.  It is important that the quality of your content for your blog remain high.  When posting a job to a writer's job board it is important for the blog owner to create a detailed message outlining the type of writing that is required and the subject matter.  The more detailed you are in your posting the better type of writer you will get.  Also it is important to include the duration of the project and compensation in your posting.  Lastly, ask for samples of the writers work.  Blog owners should look at what kind of work the writer has done as well as the quality of their writing.  Message boards are also a great way of getting a writer for your blog.  If using message boards it is important to make sure you are as detailed as possible.  The blog owner wants to find a good writer but the experience of the writer as well as the quality of their writing should
be considered as well.  If you follow the above tips in writing out your posting you should have no problems at all. 

When selecting a blog writer the blog owner needs to weigh the writer's experience, professional attitude, as well as making sure they are reliable in creating interesting and informative blog content when your blog needs the content.  The blog owner may want to pick past subjects of the blog and have the writer write a blog post on the subject.   This could be very helpful in making sure that the writer knows the subject matter and writes in a manner similar to past blog posts.  Blog owners should also ask for references of writers to get a feeling for the writer's work ethic, experience and ability to complete projects on a timely basis.
Blog owners need to consider compensating the guest blogger, in terms of how much.  It should be based on the writer's experience, ability to complete projects on a timely manner, and the writers quality of work.  The blog owner can pay the writer in financial compensation which would be the traditional route to take.  But depending on the length of time that the writer is needed for blogs posts the blog owner may want to pay the blogger in free advertising.  This would entail having the blogger create a biography at the end of each of their postings with a link to their website.  The blog owner may want to consider a combination of financial compensation and free advertising.  Whatever the method of compensation, a contract should be drawn up detailing the terms of the project as well as the terms of the compensation.  This contract should be signed and notarized to avoid any future disputes.

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